Privacy Policy

The policy of GASOFFSHORE is to comply with all governmental laws, rules, and regulations applicable to its business. The Company cares how results are obtained, not just that they are obtained. Directors, officers, and employees should deal fairly with each other and with the Company's suppliers, customers, competitors, and other Third Parties. The Company expects compliance with its standard of integrity throughout the organization and will not tolerate employees who achieve results at the cost of violation of law or who deal unscrupulously. It is the Company's policy that all transactions will be accurately reflected in its books and records. Employees are expected to record all transactions accurately in the Company's books and records, and to be honest and forthcoming with the Company's internal and independent auditors.

We do not promise, offer, give or authorize, directly or indirectly, a bribe or anything of value to anyone, including any Government Official, employee of, or representative of or to, a government-owned or controlled entity, or to any private person or employee of any business entity, to improperly influence any act or decision of such person to obtain or retain business or to secure any improper advantage for GASOFFSHORE.

This prohibition also applies to all Third Parties who provide services and act on GASOFFSHORE’s behalf, such as supplier, agents, consultants, and business partners, and also applies to any transaction of any kind.

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